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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Nov 2, 2022

Today I’m SO excited to be here with Kate Hayes who is an absolute Etsy genius + rising star on Youtube. Her claim to fame? Earning over $70K in just 30 days on Etsy and being a Top 1% seller on the platform.

Even better? She’s also just about the most genuine, kind person you’ll ever meet, so I KNEW I had to get her on the show to spill her secrets of success because she’s got a surprising tip about FOCUS that she chalks A LOT of her success up to, which we’ll dive into in just a few minutes :)

Here are just a few of the things I talk about with Kate:

  • How Kate got to where she is today (+ what she's currently doing)!
  • How she was able to reach being a Top 1% Etsy seller, and how her shop evolved over the years
  • Kate's had a lot of success VERY quickly--especially with her Youtube channel-- who does she credit for that success?
  • How do you know what thing to actually “focus” on?
  • Kat is big on putting family first-- she has some fantastic, practical advice for prioritizing your family without the guilt
  • Kate and I both come from strong Christian backgrounds that we live today. We talk about how faith has played a role in our businesses

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