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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Nov 23, 2022

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of the Simplify Your Sales podcast! Today I’m here with one part of the amazing duo that is Gold City Ventures-- Cody Berman-- to talk about a topic that I get asked A LOT about--printables! Cody along with his business partner, Julie, have taught over 9,000 students how to...

Nov 16, 2022

Today I’m here with Amanda Genther who is a flippin’ GENIUS when it comes to creating consistent passive income in your business. Her speciality? Fast, imperfect action and low-ticket offers. She is all about making your business feel FUN + SIMPLE again-- which is TOTALLY a mission I get behind 1000000%. Amanda also...

Nov 9, 2022

Welcome to another episode of the Simplify Your Sales podcast!

This is part 2 of a 5-part series of bite-sized solo podcast episodes where I’m going to get real with you about what goes into creating a digital course-- the practical elements like time commitment, revenue scalability, that sort of things vs. other...

Nov 2, 2022

Today I’m SO excited to be here with Kate Hayes who is an absolute Etsy genius + rising star on Youtube. Her claim to fame? Earning over $70K in just 30 days on Etsy and being a Top 1% seller on the platform.

Even better? She’s also just about the most genuine, kind person you’ll ever meet, so I KNEW I had to get...

Oct 26, 2022

Do you ever have those days when you just don't want to work?

Me too!

Well, I think I may have found the secret to getting past that feeling.

Today I’m here with Sadie Smiley who is all about learning how to make full-time money through part-time work. She’s got a no B.S. attitude about getting stuff done that I...