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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Jan 18, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the Simplify Your Sales podcast! Today I’m SO excited to be here with Jillian Leslie because holy cow, she is an absolutely INSPIRING serial business woman that I feel like has had her toes dipped in absolutely everything at some point-- which I’ll have her share about in a bit because she could tell stories for DAYS. 

But the main reason I wanted to bring Jillian on is because she is an absolutely GENIUS when it comes to email marketing and converting visitors into email subscribers-- I mean, she + her business-partner husband even has a couple of wildly popular apps they’ve developed that are used by business owners all over the world to grow their email lists. So trust me-- today’s episode is going to be good!

In today's episode, Jillian and I chat about:

  • How Jillian got to where she is today (Her background is incredible!)
  • How email marketing fits into the grand scheme of things with running an online business
  • I know you’ve got multiple email lists from your different businesses-- is there one strategy that you’ve found to work the best at growing those lists?
  • There’s a lot of mixed feelings around pop-ups out there-- but Jillian swears by them! She shares a bit more about why she is a fan + how they’ve impacted her list growth
  • Are there specific types of freebies that convert best with popups (a free video training, lead magnet, resource library, etc.)? What about the language/copy used in a popup?
  • How do you know if a popup is working effectively? Is there a certain conversion rate number you like to see?

I know you're going to absolutely love today's episode!

Want to learn more about Jillian? She's so good!




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