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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Nov 23, 2022

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of the Simplify Your Sales podcast! Today I’m here with one part of the amazing duo that is Gold City Ventures-- Cody Berman-- to talk about a topic that I get asked A LOT about--printables! Cody along with his business partner, Julie, have taught over 9,000 students how to create wildly profitable printables shops over the past 3 years and some of those students have went on to earn multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cody also is the co-host of The Financial Independence Show, a real estate investor, and a passive income expert.

In today's episode, Cody and I talk about:

  • The behind-the-scenes of Cody's story + how he got to where he is today
  • There are a million different ways to create passive income online--why are printables a great starting point for beginners?
  • What printables are and what they are not
  • The start-up costs/time commitment/tech expectations for starting a printables shop
  • I’ve gotta ask because I know people are wondering this already-- are printables still a viable side-hustle option for people with ZERO graphic design experience?
  • What Cody's recommended tools are for getting started selling printables
  • How many printables does a shop need to have to start earning consistently from them? 
  • What’s a realistic monthly revenue number to expect from selling printables?
  • One of the appeals of printables + passive income in general is the “hands off” aspect. Is the marketing hands-off, too? What marketing strategies do you recommend focusing on to keep things as automated as possible?  

I absolutely LOVED my conversation with Cody. You won't want to miss this one!

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Want to learn more about Cody and Gold City Ventures? Here's where you can find them:


Instagram: @goldcityventures