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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Sep 21, 2022

You ever have those days where there are so many things going on with your kids and family that you don't even know how to find time for your business? Me too! Today I’m here with Lani Jackson who I am SO excited to have on the podcast because this is a girl that knows the definition of BUSY-- because not only does she host the Mompreneurs podcast + lead the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society group, she does it with 6 kiddos in tow.

Lani is a clarity + strategy business coach for mom entrepreneurs and is ALL about helping women create intentionality in their businesses and prioritizing the things that are most important to them (like family) without sacrificing their lifestyle + income dreams along the way. 

In today's episode, we’re going to talk about setting intentionality + what YOU can do to get out of the hustle mentality and start really making progress towards your goals! We'll cover the following questions:

  • How did this business thing come about for Lani? Because it’s not like there's a lot of random “free time” lying around when you have a house full of kids!
  • How does motherhood play a role in your business? Is there such a thing as “balance” in motherhood + business?
  • How do YOU determine what tasks to work on vs. what ones aren’t important? There are so many “shoulds” in business-- how do we know what to cut out?
  • Any tips on how to run a flexible business when motherhood has to unexpectedly take over? What about when the business has to be the priority for the moment?
  • Any advice on ditching the “mom guilt”? 
  • You talk about not comparing yourself to other moms-- any tips for how to avoid that? Social media makes it really hard to stop!
  • Okay, personal question here: by the end of the day after the kiddos are FINALLY in bed, sometimes I am just D-O-N-E with life and have ZERO desire to work on my business. Any tips to combat that? 

You want to hear even more from Lani? She's the best, isn't she? Here's where you can find here:


Instagram: @lanijjackson


Don't forget to grab your copy of Lani's Flexible Business Strategy here >>