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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Oct 5, 2022

Do you ever get a little overwhelmed with numbers? Me too!

In this I’m here with one of my long-time business friends, Janet LeBlanc over at Paper + Spark. 

She’s the CPA brains behind ALL things creative business financials-- I recommend her to EVERYONE I know whenever they have a tax question-- and she is passionate about helping online biz owners --especially e-commerce sellers-- achieve financial empowerment in their businesses + personal lives. She creates bookkeeping templates and educational content to help makers, handmade sellers and creative entrepreneurs get more confident about running the financial side of their business. She's passionate about empowering more women to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by more completely understanding their financial responsibilities as a business owner and actually feeling GOOD about their money.

In this episode, Janet and I discuss the following questions:

  • How did Janet's online business journey start off?
  • There are a MILLION things to focus on when growing an online business-- What’s the argument for focusing on numbers + data? 
  • Most of us in business have the creative aspect down fine-- but any tips for diving into the data for the first time when you are definitely NOT a numbers person?
  • Any recommendations for software to use to begin tracking the numbers + data? How often should you track your data? 
  • Any tips for keeping consistent with tracking + analyzing data if you’re short on time + feel like you have more important things to be working on? 
  • I know there are 3 key angles you approach numbers + data from-- let’s break them down!
    • Reviewing your results & drawing valuable insights from them
    • Setting goals and breaking them down in a way that is actionable & motivating
    • Utilizing your new knowledge to take the guesswork out of your decision-making and take impactful daily action that effectively grows your business
  • What is one non-overwhelming thing that someone *just* getting started with data can do after listening to this episode to take action?

Do you want to hear more from Janet? She's my favorite and has helped me out more than once.




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