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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Aug 31, 2022

Do you ever have those times when you just want to give up on your business? Hey—you’re not alone!

In this episode, guest, Kaitlyn Kessler walks us through how to blend spirituality, strategy, and a whole lot of self-love and trust together to ditch feeling overwhelmed with your business.

Morgan and Kaitlyn discuss the questions:

  • I know that your business didn’t always feel in alignment for you though, right?

  • I know you’ve worked with A LOT of people that have similar stories about feeling burned out/unfulfilled with their business. What are common things you hear from other entrepreneurs on a regular basis?

  • Say I’m struggling with feeling burned out-- like, where would I even begin to “fix” that + get back on track with a business that I love? What are my first steps?

  • How do I determine when something is out of alignment vs. just a tedious business task (since we all have them!)?

  • What role does spirituality play in business alignment for you?

  • I’ve been working on shifting my business to align more with who *I* am as a person + business owner and I’ve gotta admit-- it’s been scary and hard! Any tips on making a pivotal transition in your business towards alignment?

  • I know you have a 4-part framework that you teach your clients to start building ease into their business-- can you walk us through what that looks like?

    • E-Energetics + Embodiment

    • A-Aligned Foundations

    • S-Simplified Strategy

    • E-Ease-Filled Expansion

Be sure to checkout Kaitlyn’s free 20-Hour Work Week guide here!

Do you want to hear more from Kaitlyn? I know I do! Here’s where you can find her: