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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Nov 16, 2022

Today I’m here with Amanda Genther who is a flippin’ GENIUS when it comes to creating consistent passive income in your business. Her speciality? Fast, imperfect action and low-ticket offers. She is all about making your business feel FUN + SIMPLE again-- which is TOTALLY a mission I get behind 1000000%. Amanda also helps female entrepreneurs create automated sales machines for their offers that result in businesses that make money every single day and feel truly effortless. 

I’ve purchased her products before, absolutely LOVED them because they actually felt SIMPLE and DOABLE, and am so excited that she’s agreed to come on the show + share HER zone of genius with you!

In this episode, Amanda and I talk about:

  • Amanda's behind-the-scenes story + how she got to where she is today (+ what she's currently doing)!
  • People think you have to have everything “perfect” right out of the gate, but one of Amanda's first “sales pages” was a Google doc...
  • Amanda started out with an offer priced in the hundred. She tells us more about why she shifted away from that
  • Her big focus is on low-ticket offers. What is a “low ticket offer?”
  • What does Amanda love about low-ticket offers? 
  • Why should someone consider creating one?
  • What goes into creating a low-ticket offer
  • It’s SO hard not to get hung up on perfectionism in business...what are Amanda's tips to combat that?

Check out Amanda's FREE Low Ticket Offer Ideas >>

Amanda is AMAZING! I love her approach and the way she teaches. Here's where you can find her:

Website: /