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Simplify Your Sales podcast

Oct 12, 2022

Mom guilt--it’s a VERY real thing for so many of us trying to raise babies AND businesses! So, how in the world can you deal with that while running a successful online business?

Well, today I’m here with digital product expert and amazing mother of two, Monica Froese. Monica is a digital product coach for women business owners and host of the popular podcast, Empowered Business. She has an MBA degree in finance and marketing and runs two brands Redefining Mom, a site for helping women find their identity outside of motherhood, and Empowered Business, where she empowers women to create financial independence through building 6-figure digital product businesses. She spent 11 years working for a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with large brands like Microsoft and HP. Now she provides online marketing education to small businesses that are looking to build a profitable revenue stream through digital products through her online programs and podcast.

In today's episode, Monica and I talk about:

  • How Monica's business started off--we share a similar history with some postpartum experiences that sort of propelled our businesses into existence
  • “Redefining mom” and how to find an identity outside of motherhood
  • How to getting started selling digital products
  • What type of digital product to create first
  • What small digital products seem to naturally sell well in the online space?
  • Mom guilt-- it’s a VERY real thing for so many of us trying to raise babies AND businesses-- how to deal with that while running a wildly successful online business

Monica is just amazing--I know you'll love her!

Want to learn more from Monica? Here's where you can find her:




Don't forget to check out her free live training, Profit Transformation